International Symposium on Libraries in Networked Information Society
September 28 - 30, 1999

Part 2: Roles of Libraries for Japan and Asia

September 30, 1999 (Part 1: ISDL'99)
University of Library and Information Science (ULIS)
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Free of Charge

Part 2: Roles of Libraries for Japan and Asia

This symposium is intended to discuss various aspects for libraries in the networked information society with distinguished participants invited from Asian countries and Japan.

Symposium Language: Japanese

Program --- Preliminary
Panel: Information Networking and Libraries in Asia and activities in Library and Information Science
Current Situation and future perspective in China, Korea and Thailand.
Invited Talks and Discussion
  • Wei-Ci Ma (Peking University, China)
  • Yuanliang Ma(Shanghai Library, China)
  • Suk-doo Choi(Ewha Women's University, Korea)
  • Vilas Wuwongse (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Invited Talk: the Kowledge Society
Yoichiro Murakami (ICU, Japan) and Masayuki Yoshida (ULIS, Japan)
Invited Talk: Libraries in Networked Information Society
Masaya Takayama (Keio Univ., Japan) and Yukio Fujino (ULIS, Japan)
Panel:The Images of the 21st Library and Information Science showed by ULIS-graduate Scholars
Ken NIMURA(Meisei University, Japan), Naoki TAKUBO(Kinki University, Japan), Midori KANAZAWA(Toyo Eiwa Women's University, Japan), Li Chang-qing(Peking University, China)

For detailed information of registration, accommodation, etc., please see ISDL'99.

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