ISDL '99 Proceedings Publication Format

1 Introduction

Congratulations on the acceptance of your contribution to ISDL '99.

Please observe the following manuscript format guidelines for publication in the ISDL '99 Proceedings. Authors are requested to know that all of the papers accepted for presentation at ISDL'99 will be published both in printed and electronic forms. The printed version of the proceedings will be delivered to the symposium participants at ISDL'99. The electronic version will be made accessible via WWW after the symposium.

2 What to Submit

Please submit:
  1. a Camera-Ready version of the paper conforming to the guidelines in this document,
  2. a plain text version of the paper,
  3. GIF images of any figures.
The Camera-Ready version will be used for the printed publication of the Proceedings. The plain text version and GIF images will be used for HTML (WWW) publication. (If GIF images of figures are not possible, please note in the submission.) Instructions for submission appear in Section 9.

If you have questions or concerns about any of these guidelines, please contact Tetsuo Sakaguchi ( as soon as possible.

3 Page Format

All text, figures, and tables must conform to these dimensions:
Page size:
25mm (both sides, top and bottom)
Column width:
75mm (two-column format)
Column height:
Space between columns:
Pages must NOT include headers, footers or page numbers. Page numbers will be added when the Proceedings are assembled.

If you have no A4 printers, please adjust margins to print the paper in an area of 160mm x 247mm (6.3inch x 9.7inch).

4 Type Style and Size of Text

The text font is 10-point Times-Roman (or a closely resembling font), single-space with 12-point interline spacing, in a two-column format. All paragraphs should be indented 1-pica, and the entire text should be right and left justified.

5 Titles and Headings

The main title should be Times-Roman 14-point boldface type, and centered over both columns. In main titles, please initially capitalize nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions, and prepositions (unless the title begins with such a word).

The author name(s) and affiliation(s) should be in 12-point Times-Roman, initially capitalized, and centered over both columns.

5.1 Abstract

The submission should begin with an abstract, followed by a set of keywords; the abstract and keywords should be placed the left column of the first page.

The heading over the abstract (for example, ``Abstract'') should be Times-Roman 12-point boldface, initially capitalized.

5.2 First-Order Headings

First-order headings (for example, ``1 Introduction'') should be Times-Roman 12-point boldface, initially capitalized, flush left, preceded by a blank line.

5.3 Second-Order Headings

Second-order headings (for example, ``1.1 Background'') should be Times-Roman 10-point boldface, initially capitalized, flush left, preceded by a blank line. Higher-order headings are the same as second-order headings.

6 Figures

Figures may span both columns, if necessary, but text must conform to the two-column format. If figures include color images (for example, hardcopies of a color display), please convert them to grayscale or halftone images in the Camera-Ready manuscript.

GIF images of figures may be in color. Their dimensions should be appropriate for computer displays.

7 References

List and number all references at the end of your paper. When cited in the text, enclose the citation number in square brackets.


[1] Author Name.  Article Name.  Journal Name, Vol. 12, pp. 34-56, 1978.

8 Page Limits and Deadline

We request that Invited Papers and Regular (Full) Papers do not exceed eight pages in this format. Short Papers should not exceed four pages.

All materials should be submitted by the August 20 deadline for final submissions.

9 How to Submit

9.1 Printed Paper Submission

Please send your manuscript by airmail, even if you can use E-mail for submission.

Your paper should be printed on white A4-size paper with a laser printer or equivalent. If A4-size paper is not available, please format as A4 and print on letter-size paper.

Please indicate the ordering of your pages by numbering the sheets (using a pencil) at the bottom of the reverse side.

If you cannot use E-mail to send the plain text version and the GIF images, please send them by floppy disk(s) with the Camera-Ready version (see Section 9.2 and 10).

Submissions should arrive at the ISDL '99 Office before the final deadline.

9.2 Electronic Submission

If possible, please submit your paper by E-mail. Your paper should be sent to:
Please write author name(s) and main title of the paper at the top of the E-mail message body.

We can receive the Camera-Ready manuscript in following formats:

(Note: We can process only US-English and Japanese version of above formats.)

All files (see Section 2) of your paper should be encoded using either UNIX-uuencode or MIME-base64.

Please do not submit unencoded files, because E-mail systems have some constraints on message bodies (for example, line length and control characters). Only plain text versions can be submitted unencoded, and only if they conform to E-mail limitations.

If you cannot use E-mail to send the plain text version and the GIF images, please send them by floppy disk(s) with the printed paper manuscript. (Note: The available format of floppy disks are listed in Section 10.)

10 Miscellaneous Considerations

We use 400 or 300 DPI, Adobe Postscript (compatible) printers.
We have no optional fonts on the printers.
Floppy disk formats:
WWW Server:

11 Information and Questions

If you have any questions concerning your submission, please contact Tetsuo Sakaguchi (E-mail:, Fax: +81-298-59-1093) or the ISDL '99 Office.

12 Contact Addresses

Tetsuo Sakaguchi
University of Library and Information Science
1-2, Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8550, JAPAN
Phone: +81-298-59-1378
Fax: +81-298-59-1093
University of Library and Information Science
1-2, Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8550, JAPAN
Phone: +81-298-59-1348 (Shigeo Sugimoto)
Fax: +81-298-59-1093

Written by Tetsuo Sakaguchi <>.

Tuesday, July 13, 1999 4:02:26 PM